Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thrift store finds

Hand sewn and hand quilted. Too wonderful to pass by. There are a few places that need mended. I think I may have blocks from the same period that I can applique over the worn spots. I love this quilt so much I bought a couple of quilt racks so I would have something to hang it on.

Good Bye NO Buy.

Twin size = good shape=$20.00

I think this was most likely made in the late '50's from scraps.

Full size UFO- top. I will quilt and use as a donation piece. Panels set with cheddar and 5 borders. I can practice 'quilting it out'. I may un-sew a bit on the borders to square them up.

Always a fan of good feed-sack material. These four are in excellent condition. I have a couple of drawers dedicated to this collection of materials and 'some day' will have to start on the many projects in my head to use them on.

I don't normally pick the solids (trying to bust what I have on hand first) but these are all good size pieces that I should be able to work into a scrappy project.

Do you remember Cabbage Patch Dolls? This one was .50 cents. Karlee is going to help me make a dress for her. I am hoping that 'make' a dress means look for one in the doll drawer that fits.- we'll see.

I totally Love, Love, Love playing with stuff you can build with. Throw in a couple of marbles and I am ready to quit my day job and play all day. Kids had a blast figuring out how to assemble the pieces to keep the marbles moving from level to level.

I also got a couple of coffee cups (I am way too addictive to coffee cups) and a tea pot with strawberries on it for Kelly to use with starter plants.
We have the best Thrift Store ever. I always find something and the prices are too good to be true. I have had a very busy couple of weeks with clients. This was a nice break getting a few minutes to shop. Grandkids are spending the night tonight and we hope to sort and put away all the goodies I brought home.