Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New block for me and a new block with a twist!

I don't know what the name of this block is, I am sure it is making it's way around the quilting circles. The top I saw was just beautiful and I had to do a double take to figure the 'block' out.

Jennifer did tell me she was making 12 1/2" blocks but that was after I decided to do mine using 2 1/2" strips.

I think I have enough in blues to make a nice top. If my cyber friends vote to see me make this top, I will do a tutorial of how I make the block and more importantly HOW I decided on the fabrics! (I might just do the tut. anyway b/c if I don't write it down I may forget when I get ready to put it together-lol)

Lets call this Quilt # 1 inspired by Jen.

On to possible Quilt #2 inspired by trying to short cut Jennifer's inspiration:

Here's a hint as to how I process- I assign numbers in place of colors, for some reason I like numbers better and the color can be substitute in later-
Can you guess the block?

Here's another hint, I am stripping 2 1/2" red and whites, then sub-cutting at 4 1/2". The blocks takes FOUR of these sets and a same size accent sq. (In my block I went with blue)
Can you see it?
I have made several bow tie quilts and had never thought to piece my bow pieces.
I was trying to figure a short cut on Jen's block and stumbled on to an interesting alternative.
Problem is now (as with every block) I need to figure out how to make it and how to set it.

For this Quilt II, there are two different possibilities, the first is as designed, set alternating and creating a frame around the blue center. (can you see it in my drawing?)

The second block idea is alternate the Red and White and set the block in a Rail-Fence style.
I'll call this one Quilt 2-b

Ok, let the games begin- which one if any do you want to see me work on next?
be good cw