Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Night Quilt-IN-

I laid this thrift store find out to see what needed mended. For the time being I am going to leave it as is. There are about half dozen small places that could use a bit of hand work. I will either put it in the pile of other 'fix' me ups or maybe hang this one in the guest bedroom. It really is pretty enough to get its own quilt rack!
Several of the quilters are doing a Quilt-IN tonight. I have four projects that I want to be working on, I just don't seem to 'have time'. Today I decided NO EXCUSES, just turn off the phone and take a couple of hours to re-discover my quilting side.
My BAD is I didn't 'work' on anything from my TO-DO List!
In my defense I was able to put away a lot of misc. piles that had been growing over the past couple of months.
I cut up this quiet book panel and sewed it up to make a small 36 x36 baby top. I hope to use the orange for the back, quilt it and bind in orange. I make a lot of small quilts from the quiet book panels. Normally I will either set the pgs in a 4 x 6 using alternating plain blocks the size of the pg. Or I will set 3 x 4 using setting strips and setting sqs. This is the first time I have just sewn the pgs all together. (I think I like this smaller size- it should make a nice drag along quilt for a toddler)

These next two are made from material I picked up at the $$ bag sale. The sqs were already cut and sewn into strips. I took them apart and made a couple of 'puppy' tops.
I know that is not a term we call quilts but last year I made my friend Pam a couple of small quilts when her dog had puppies. Pam likes them so much she asked me to make another 6 for gifts for friends. (She supplied the material, cute doggie prints of course- and I am sewing the quilts and doing the quilting.)
These two small tops will be added to my on going pile of future doll quilts. The first is a D-9 the second is 4-patches. Both are 24 x 36 (ish)

Not to exciting of a Quilt-IN but I did get to do a little mindless sewing. I was starting to miss the hum of the machine.
After I get Pam's puppy quilts finished maybe I can talk myself into doing a project or two from my list.
Save your scraps for me!- cw