Thursday, May 2, 2013

Double Wedding Ring re-visit 2000

This is the start of a DWR (started in 2000 and still a WIP)  I think I just got bored sewing the same pieces over and over.  Today I decided to bag up the starter set (my new name for UFO's) and start over.

The yardage had all been cut into strips so I figured out my new GO Double Wedding Ring Die would work to get me excited again.  Good friend Dawn is borrowing my cutter to work on her version of a DWR.  I can sew arches together for a day or two before I have to commit to a background.

I def. want the cutter back to cut those!

Arches will have the Left and Right pieces constant through out.  The setting sqs will be the burgundy and blue from the original project.  The  center three prints will be either light or dark red with blues on both sides.  I think I will mix them up through out the top.

Any suggestions on which background to use?  Kelly likes the pink or light yellow.  I am leaning towards the green or pink.  I may just flip a coin.