Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Red Quilt and now I want a tree house!

On a recent visit to my good Friend Dawn's to show off my newest Flimsy, I 'found' a new favorite spot to hang tops from!
Now I want my own tree house hanger--lol

 Joshua was able to lay the top out and the breeze held it in place with out help.  Both boys let me get a picture b/c when I say pose they pose!  Thanks, Andrew for throwing in the smile with out being asked!
I don't know the name of this pattern, I did it strip cut and sub cut on the 16 patch.  I used GO dies for the 'red' blocks.  I tear my border strips.  If you see wrinkles it is from the top not being ironed first--and from the wind holding it to the side of the tree house.

The new puppy Louie, however does not know me well enough to pose when I asked him too.  Next time, Louie, Next time.......