Saturday, January 21, 2012

What TO DO with Wooden Spools

I have been using wooden spools for making thread holders.  You would need One Large and One Small spool (with or without thread attached) and a scrap board or other surface to glue them too.  I have used  metal burner covers and made cute thread holders to give away.  A metal coat hanger wire can be cut with snips and makes a great extension to keep the thread from twisting.  The Larger spool holds the coat hanger wire.  The smaller spool gets glued down to keep the cone of thread from walking around.  You can glue any type of embellishments you want to the base.

I use a tacky glue to glue the two spools down.

I made several with fabric butterflies in different sizes for a ladies get together.  I think I still have a few.  If I remember right I also did  mini-Sun Bonnet Sues and some with paper cut outs from mags.(funny saying, cartoons, quilt pictures, etc...)  When I make them for friends I like to add a coat of varnish so you can wipe the dust off easier (Not that you would have dust but just in case it gets left sitting around like this one on the shelf!)
While I am thinking about it, Look at the cute thread holder I found awhile back.  It fits perfect on the wall to the left of my machine.  AND... it is just the right size for holding three bobbins per spike.
I love to chain sew and having extra bobbins wound before I start is a great help.  Hanging them on the thread holder keeps them from getting all tangled up.  It also helps me keep up with the empties.