Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Dear Jane A1

We all have to start somewhere.  A1 is as good a block as any.

As a disclaimer:  I rarely 'follow' directions.  I doubt I follow too close doing this quilt.

I have struggled with the concept of 'what' I want to get out of doing this project.  Am I looking for a challenge, meaning stick as close to the patterns as possible, including needle turn applique?  OR, am I looking for a finish, interpreting the blocks however my mood strikes, doing my favorite raw edge applique, making up the pattern or making it work.
Do I start with the easy blocks to get a few under my belt?  Do I go in order so I can make rows to show progress?  Do I just pick my favorites and do repeats to show off my fabrics?  So many decisions.

Last night I cut the print triangles for the outer borders-it was fun to see the different materials laid out next to each other.  Tonight I sewed up A1, I did it crumb style, meaning I didn't measure other then by 'eye', I liked the result.  Then I 'eyed' A2- I missed by an inch.  Guess the lesson learned is to take the time to make templates.-lol

I have tracing paper and will re-do A1 (and A2)  Maybe what I am going to get out of this experience is a little patience and stick- to- it -ness.

I think I will get myself  little stars to mark off the blocks I finish!
I think I got pretty close, but I will draw off the pattern and do one up right.

I am more then happy with my side triangles.  Can't wait to get to use them.
Now what about you, are you doing a DJ quilt this year?
After I got all the fabrics pulled for this version I started to think about doing one in solids w/black background are we going to take bets as to whether I get a second one done?