Thursday, January 19, 2012

Drum Roll please....... 1st top for QoV is in, hope to pin in and quilt tonight

This one is from Lilly in KC, she is working to collect 400 quilts for the returning soldiers at Fort Riley KS.  I signed up to quilt 12 quilts in 2012 for Quilt of Valor.  Quilts from my stash and friends will go to Alycia in CO.  If you find you have a top or two and need a good service project, send them my way, I would be thrilled to get to fire up the machine for such a worthy cause.  I suggest you all invest in Ibprofen stock, I am going to need a couple of bottles before I am done- lol
One of bonus's of quilting for others is I get to see beautiful pieces.  I love these fabrics!  And of course this is a pattern I have not made yet (I see another TO DO in my future!)  Send good thoughts my way that I can mark this as a 'finish'.  Here's to ONE down Eleven to go.-  cw