Monday, September 3, 2012

Up Date on the Stained Glass project

Grandkids are excited to color the pattern.
Breely age 2

Karlee, 5    Lane,8
No doves were hurt in the making of this pattern.

print and color, I would love to see your ideas
This window is being made for our church auditorium. After pricing commissioned pieces, hubby and I decided we would rather spend the money learning to do glass ourselves.
I am sure Carl, thought I would be doing it w/my instructor, Connie.  I 'knew' he couldn't keep his hands off of it. (lol)

One of the concepts Connie has shared is that the person doing the pattern needs to pick the glass. She also said if you can 'think it' you can 'do it'
When I quilt I sometimes start with the fabric, but most times have a design or pattern in mind.  It always just comes together, often changing course a couple of times during the process.

This window has changed course a couple of times too.  The dove has been drawn out a half dozen different ways.  There have been a couple of sun/stars and the rays have undergone changes too.

I think we are close to saying 'this is it' and moving on to the next steps.  Wish us luck....
So far it has been an interesting journey working together
smaller rays, off center

This one is getting closer!