Monday, September 3, 2012

New Art for my wall and a great visit w/daughter

Our oldest daughter came over today to do an Art project with 5 of the grand kids.  What a beautiful new piece for me to hang with honor on my wall.

I think my kitchen is going to smell like melting crayons for awhile! - lol

Everything I love- color, texture and Grand Kids!

To make your own crayon art here is how we did ours:  Raelynn brought a framed painted canvas.  (I love orange- don't you know)  The kiddo's broke a box of 24 crayons into halves.  I made hot glue dots around the edge of the frame as the kids handed Aunte Raelynn crayons to glue down.

Then the fun begins.  Cover the crayons with wax paper and iron to melt the colors.  Enjoy how they drip down the canvas.  (The kids actually chanted encouragement as the first colors started to race each other.)

GO Green, GO Green.

Let the piece dry and turn to repeat on a different side.  I like how the crayon papers look like fringe so I plan to leave them attached.

The UN-named masterpiece is now on the wall in my office.