Monday, June 18, 2012

We have a pack rat and it is NOT me!

I was looking out in the shop for storage units I could clean up and bring in to use for my stained glass 'studio'  (I don't really have a studio but I did buy some glass so any excuse to create a new hobby space is good for me)

Look!  Two auction pieces.  A 5 drawer dresser and a 3 slanted drawer storage piece.  I think I bought these about 10 yrs ago.  They were way far in the back.  Shouldn't be too hard to dig them out and clean them off- 

Wait--- What's this in the bottom drawer?

If you guessed Dog Food, you would be right!
That is just crazy to put dog food in a dresser drawer.  What is in the next drawer up?

I am starting to wonder what is going on around here.

ALL five drawers packed full of dog food and bits of insulation.  I wonder how long it took for this high rise restaurant to get to capacity!

No I am not going to clean it up- this will be burned.  It will have to wait till I quit laughing.

I snapped a photo and text to hubby asking if this is where he hid the dog food.  He replied, Yes, didn't think you would find it.

disclaimer, NO he did not know this was going on.   I see a weekend of fun times- lol

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Starting a new hobby!

Don't get excited, this is NOT my house (yet)!

A while back I met a gal that does stained glass.  Her and I hit a sale in Springfield and bought supplies to get me started on a couple of pieces.  (I am sure in her mind she thinks she will have to do it for me.  In my mind I am collecting for a new hobby)
When we were done she told me about her neighbor and invited me to visit. (Don't you just love neighbors bringing people over to show off your collections.)

Of course I took her up on her offer to tour guide- lol

I love glass, never thought to just hang them to hang them.  I love this look on the enclosed porch, very festive.  Another item(s) to add to my thrift shop hunting.
I have always been interested in making mosaics, now I need to find a few old windows to use!
I have started making (ok just one) stones to use in the garden.  I think my grand-kids would like to help after they see this one.  Now to find some cake molds I can make fun shapes with.
Hubby said NO but I say YES!  I love this bottle bush.  We took down our horse fences but the corner posts are still up.  I think they would make great bottle holders.  Especially if I plan to get a kiln someday.  I will need a place to store bottles until I have time to use them.
Hubby had sent me a link to a poor man's hot tub.  Of course I am on the look out for a claw foot tub to use over the fire pit.  Too bad this one is in use b/c I could be trying to figure out how to haul it home to my house.

Don't know that I can talk Hubby into letting me make my own cement pond but I can sure enjoy looking at the photos of this one!  Those Arkansas Diamonds sure are pretty in the sunlight!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

B&W baby quilt!

My Niece-in-Law (is that even a word?)  Hubby's Sister's Son's Wife, Krystal wanted to help make a baby quilt for her sister's newest soon to be addition to the family.  She picked out the pattern and fabrics.  I made let her use the Go and die cut the sqs too.
While she was cutting for Rebecca, I let her cut out a couple of more 'kits' for future quilts.  I have two to make for co-workers this year.

The expectant papa has a collection of all things John Deere.  I Googled coloring book pages and found a tractor I thought I could do.  The little logo is fussy cut from a scrap of fabric.  The black and white sqs are sewn with out plan to layout.  Not quite brown bag style but pretty random just the same.

Krystal also picked out and cut the yellow John Deere print for the border.  A white w/black dot was selected for the back.

I am excited to get to meet the new little one and excited to spend time with a favorite Niece and excited to bust some stash!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Look You, I can Tie too! and other misc photos...

I have always wanted to make a Tie  Chair.  I found two chair frames at the thrift shop.

I double weaved the ties to make a sturdy seat.  I may decide I want to add a cushion between the layers of ties.

Nothing to do with sewing but this is my wall in the entry.  Kelly and I took down all the decorations.  She took home all the shelves and fish theme item.  I kept the bird houses for a different area.  This wall is now a catch-all for our bike stuff!  The metal embellishments are from Lowe's garden dept.  I added cup hooks to hang misc. from.

Kelly and I  rearranged the sewing room.  No I don't do a lot of sewing in there.  It is really more of a storage room for my sewing stuff.  One of these days I will de-clutter enough to make it a real sewing room.

This is the start of a scrappy Rug.  I wasn't real happy with the fabric in the letter "R" so I colored it with permanent marker.  Now I can see the contrast.  It helps to take a picture to see what works and what doesn't.

Some of my favorite photos of the Rooster Quilt.

Favorite pictures of the Orange and Black Wedding Quilt.
Quilt of Valor next in line to be quilted and returned.  I love this version of a string quilt!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Need some advice on our fruit trees-

Our order arrive may 18th. (2 1/2 weeks ago) All trees were planted the following morning/day.
Of the 20 we ordered only three (3) are sprouting leaves. The yellow del. looks great, it has several leaf combos up the trunk. One butternut has a small leaf set at the base and a green weeping willow has a few leafs starting. The rest have nothing, no buds, no signs of anything.
Question: Do we keep watering and hope for something, do we prune back to the ground and wait. If we need to cut them back do we do it now or wait till fall?

Most of the trees still have a little flexibility to the trunk but some are starting to get dried out at the tops.

We are watering daily, have good drainage, weather has been normal w/rain and temps.

I have sent an e-mail to the company we got these from, just thought I would give a shout out to see if anyone here has advice too.

Green Weeping Willow

Butter Nut # 2

Yellow Delicious Dwarf 

New fruit trees

No signs of growth after 2 1/2 weeks :(
 Not pictured are the 30 Pecans we planted a week earlier All of them have leaves. :)