Saturday, November 27, 2010

I worked on all three today!

Tumbler top is almost finished. I need to decide on a border. I am in the mood for some raw edge applique. Just need a catch saying. (I am leaning towards: Merry (on the top) Christmas (on the bottom) and HO HO HO (down each side). Unless you can give me other suggestions,

I have viewed a lot of cake wrecks and might go with a literal MERRY ON THE TOP, CHRISTMAS ON THE BOTTOM, (OK it is late, this is not funny, except to me)

I'm loving how the triangle pieces are coming together. Not real sure how to treat the sides, if I want to leave them pointy/scalloped or add wedges to sq. it up. I don't have to make the decision yet.
I am enjoying cutting and sewing on this, not committing to ever finishing it but so far I am NOT giving up hope for a future Holiday Keepsake.

Two/Thirds finished with the piecing of the center on the Apple Core. Not sure how I want to border this one yet. May leave it on the small side for a couch quilt. I do like the scalloped edges!
I ordered a foot for sewing the curves, hope to get it soon and start another top. I want to see if the foot really helps speed it along. I don't pin and these were large enough they went together pretty well. Not sure if I could have done it with smaller pieces.
Thanks for looking at what I worked on for my Friday Night Sew-IN- be good cw