Saturday, November 13, 2010

Deborah Cohen's Trinity Celtic Knot Quilt Pattern 2009

Deborah's quilt began with her desire to celebrate what makes marriage work.
For her two colors express how the partners contribute and the third represents faith and love completing the pattern.
Her fascination with Celtic knots gave her a way of expressing three interwoven ideas. She interpreted this in simple squares.
I started my quilt top as a mystery last year.
At the time we made 'chunks' consisting of 9 nine patch blocks.
We could make our squares any size we liked. I choose a 2" sq. I have had several requests to sew another. I plan to use this pattern again in a 2 1/2"sq. using different colors..
This pattern and more about Deborah were published in the Australian Quilting Mag. earlier this year. If you find the issue, please save it for me!-
What did you work on for your Friday Night Sew-IN?