Friday, March 11, 2011

Favorite Things Quilt- revisited

This quilt was made years ago. Our quilt group exchanged the 25-patch scrappy blocks and the 4-in the corner blocks.

Many beautiful Irish Chain quilts were made that year. This is one of my favorites.

I was in an applique mood and each trade I added my embellishments.

Some were free hand. Some from color books, others from mag. patterns of the time.

I bet you can see a few that will bring back memories!

The tulips and daises have been favorite blocks to applique and I have made several quilts from each.

The car applique was from a mag. and I made a birthday quilt for our daughters 16th using the pattern. (She is 26 now!- still uses the quilt)

This quilt lives with my mom and will be passed down to our oldest daughter someday. Favorite Things brings back a lot of memories of the gals I sewed/quilted with over the years. It also holds a sample of the fabrics we liked and the applique techniques I was experimenting with.

Do you have a favorite quilt that brings special memories for you?