Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another Butterfly border-

Favorite DIL, Kelly asked if I had a quilt she could use for a wedding gift. I let her pick through a few tops that were made with her in mind.
Of course she wants to keep those for her personal collection (I don't blame her, she might have a fight getting them from me when she is ready to quilt 'em!- lol)

I have several Works in Progress that just haven't decided what they want to grow up to be.
Today the "Green and Blue Squares" got a chance to move up from a child's top to a future gift to celebrate friend's vows. There is just something about scrappy butterflies that make plain tops come to life. The blueberry print border fabric will be used on the back and as binding material too.

Funny thing is I started this top over 5 yrs ago. I did strip piecing and sub - cutting and after a few blocks was just 'sick' of the blue and green. It sat for a couple of years until it got sewn into a small top and added to my "Gift It" pile.
About a year later I needed a baby quilt for a shower and added the blue border. I changed my mind on the gift for that child and this top went back to the waiting list.

Kelly will do the quilting sometime this week and I will bind it for her. I am so thrilled to get to use more scrappy butterflies. I swear these can go anywhere. I have gotten to where I just have little baggies with sets in them waiting for projects to liven up. Lucky for me, this set was already tacked to the background blocks so they were easy to raw edge applique.

Earlier this year I purposed to do at least 11 Give A Ways on my Blog. I know this is not the 11th of the month but I would be happy to send out up to 11 sets to readers who do not already have a set.

Leave a comment, I will figure out a fun way to pick the winners. Do you have a small top that could use a beautiful scrappy butterfly border to help it grow up?- be good cw