Thursday, February 25, 2016

wedding quilt spinning stars

Many thanks to the ladies who sewed sections.  This top for Austin and Nichole is really coming together.  Possibly even done before the shower March 12th!!  Let's all hold our breath--just kidding.

I have really enjoyed seeing the different ways this pattern can look.  Quilt group will be working on a few more variations this year.  If you want to get in on the fun let me know.  Quilting will be on 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings starting around 6.00.,  Additional help/catch up/etc... will be Wednesday after Bible class (11:00 ish)

We will be working on 5 graduation quilts in March along with our first couple of steps in our personal Spinning Stars projects.  Fingers crossed we get our tops done to show off at the Ladies Night this Fall.

Spinning Star, die cut using scraps (works well with fat quarters)

Part way done!!

Had to show off, Sarah's king size top.  This is a Hole in the Barn Door variation using blues/light scraps.  Very proud that my daughter shares my love of sewing/quilting!

Friday, February 12, 2016

2016 slow starts but starts- now to finish something!

Wedding quilt die cut out and bagged!  All were picked up and several have been returned already.

Interlocking star will be pieced after all the sub-units are returned.

I love greens~

Another small top for the nursing home.  I am looking forward to when the grandkids can run the machine and quilt these for me.  Nice practice size!

Wedding quilt pinned in ready to get hearts and bells.  Bride to be had this top from a family member.  Honor to quilt it for her upcoming event!

Thrift store find.  Had a 'house' applique pinned on.  Think I might want to do something different in the center.  Maybe butterflies or a Dresden plate or ......any suggestions?

The pattern was attached, instructions were for individual embroidery in each yellow spot.  No thanks- passing on that!!

thrift shop find 6 good sheets for future quilt backs!!

This rack is all tops and/or backs for future kids size projects

My back sheet inventory is getting smaller!!

On the left are the last 6 Christmas quilts for the grand kids.  On the right are the 8 quilts I was supposed to get done for Karlee's b-day party in Jan. --this project is being moved to an end of the school year slumber party TO DO!

Tops from my personal collection that need quilted.
Looks like I have a few things to work on this month!