Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving sewing time

Not quite snowed in. Storms from last night messed up our well so we have no water.
The favorite brother in law who works with a drilling compy will come out tomorrow and help hubby pull the pump.
Fingers crossed they can get it fixed.
(Not that I mind not doing dishes or laundry due to the lack of running agua!)
Too cold to get out.
It was ice not snow,
What's a gal to do?
Stay inside and sew!
I haven't counted how many triangles I have cut. I am getting them from the scraps of the scraps.
The apple cores get cut first, then tumblers and last the larger triangles. (Even I am not nuts enough to cut the smaller two sizes- ok may a few but not a whole top worth.)
If anyone wants the smaller scraps for doing crumb blocks give me a shout. (You better hurry before I make a few and decide I like it!)
Happy Thanksgiving, hope your Turkey Day was fulled with fun, family, food and fabric!- cw