Sunday, November 21, 2010

I have a new BABY it's a GO!

I found my new BABY on the site. It was priced lower then any I have seen.

I was able to get a couple of dies and several mats too.

The triangle die will be used to cut my scraps to do the 1,000 triangle quilt tops. My first one will be will Christmas Holiday scraps.

This die would be better for me if it cut more then two of each size. There are 3 sizes and two cuts each. I have sewn all three and prefer the larger set.

I can see myself making several tops over the years with this die.

This is the pile of scraps from several years of sewing. I hope to pull the larger pieces and cut apple cores then wedges and finally triangles.
Plan is to get three or four new Holiday print tops out of this stash.

I have cut enough of the tumblers to make an outer border on a top I sewed a couple of years ago. The more I look at the border pieces the more I want to cut extra and make a tumbler block quilt top.

The apple core has always been a block I wanted to use for a top, I just didn't want to cut them out. The BABY GO has a die to cut 6 1/2" pieces. These will be an on going project for me to take on the road.
I also purchased a 2 1/2" strip die. I have not tried it out yet but plan to play with it later this week.
The BABY is fast and fun and should let me cut pieces that I would not normally want to do.
My preference would have been to purchase the industrial unit but I just can't justify the expense vs my use.
I have been thinking about doing crumb blocks with the scraps from this session of cutting. If I get everything cut from the Christmas prints I should have quilts, tops, kits and scraps to keep me busy for awhile!- cw