Sunday, November 7, 2010

Auction--there goes the NO BUY!

Couple of Disclaimers:
1- I suggested we take the car (I never buy anything big enough to need the truck)

2- I really don't like auctions (that is starting to change)

3-I learned you can fill a truck with a $2.00 nod of the head (I'll save that for a future post)
As always there were a couple of things I wanted to bid on. I know that I will not win them so bidding is just to say "I tried".
I scout for items of interest. Speak in code to the hubby (things like, I would like the blue quilt top with state flowers if it can be bought for less than $50. To which he will reply: You don't need it.)

That's our system and it works well. I look, sometimes get a bid or two in, but rarely bring anything home.
I figure if I like it enough to bid on it, everyone else participating will like it more.

For some reason today's event was set up for me to learn a thing or two. There were three quilt tops for sale, I won choice at $20. I took the embroidered state flowers and a double knit bow tie. (I love double knit- I hope to spend a year or two quilting all my yard sale/auction finds some day)
The State/Flowers top may get re-set at a later date. A few of the seams have personality. I think I can quilt them out but just for giggles I might choose to explore a different setting.

Can you figure out which state I live in now? (hint: MO)

I also ended up with a box of sheets, some of which I may use as filler on a couple of my double knit tops.
We had specifically gone to this auction to look at a couple of items of interest to the hubby. I didn't see anything I wanted when reading the add in the paper so I brought a couple of quilt books to read while he watched the sale.
I really think I would have be satisfied with just the two tops but we had time to kill before his 'Want List' came up for bid. Opening bids were all higher then his Intended Purchase Price. (Fine by me, more $$ for me to spend!)
I will do a post later showing off just how much one can get in the back of the pickup. Good thing hubby keeps tie downs on hand.- cw