Monday, November 21, 2011

On my way with Orca Bay- clue one is almost done!

Funny thing (to me) is that I was NOT going to do this new mystery from Bonnie Hunter.  I enjoyed watching the quilters over on quiltville get all excited about pulling fabrics and waiting for the reveal of instructions.  I was fine with just watching the fun.

Wouldn't you know after reading Fridays post, I (without thinking) went to the stash and pulled enough lights and blacks for the first round directions.

What's a few hourglass blocks here and there anyway?

My rational is I am busting stash and stripping down for a couple of TO DO's I have been wanting to do with my GO 1 1/2" die.  This is a 'round-about-way' of getting more scraps for next yrs mini's.  (Yep, that's my story!)

So to show off the future TO DO's here is what I am working on-
I am busing into the 1 in strips and combining them with 1 1/2 to make a scrappy mini Bento Box.

So far I have been playing with a 3 1/2 block which if set in a 16 patch yields a 12 1/2 block.  This one may take awhile but will be so much fun in the making

I will do a tutorial after I get a bit further along on the technique I am using for this scrappy blocks. -- cw