Friday, November 11, 2011

11-11-11 Corduroy Blog HOP

You Can't tell from this Photo but this big beautiful Red Corduroy piece is being used as a quilt back!  I love the weight and texture of this fabric and I am sure the recipient of this piece will too.

And.....Here's the front!  Who doesn't love a T-Shirt Quilt.  This will be a nice heavy keepsake to take to games and snuggle under.  I wager it will be out on a few picnics in the park too!

Besides in quilts, my favorite use of corduroy is on the back of floor rugs.  Again I light the weight and texture.  This rug is made by sewing strips of double knit directly on the corduroy. 

My favorite use of corduroy and/or double knit is to make "Low Art".
This rug was originally made to be part of a set of curtains for the puppet stage.
It took on a new life as a rug for the grand kids play room.  Again the Corduroy plays well with double knit and combines to make a long lasting keepsake piece.