Tuesday, November 29, 2011

S&W finally getting sewn up

I don't seem to do very well working with fabrics that match.  For some reason, I was all excited to start a Stack & Whack style quilt, but lost interest right after purchasing the material.
This wild stash has been sitting around for long enough.

It didn't take very long to cut out the triangles using my GO and dies. The blocks sew up pretty fast too.

I hate to admit that I had these blocks done a couple of weeks ago.  I just couldn't decided how I wanted to set them together.

Lucky for me I had enough of the focus fabric to cut 10 1/2 inch blocks to alternate with the spinning blocks.

I rolled the back sheet to the front for the binding.
Doing the happy dance just knowing that I am using up the majority of this print.  Funny thing is, this is starting to grow on me now that I am close to done.  Do you ever have projects that you have to force yourself to work on, then discover it wasn't as bad as you were making it out to be?

I had an old hospital blanket and used it as the batt.

I like the way this is turning out!

When I asked Jess what he thought I should use on the back, his answer was; "anything with contrast'
 I totally LOVE how this new snuggle under has turned out.  The weight and drape from the blanket make this a heavy quilt.  The Winnie the Pooh sheet on the back just makes me smile.  Merry Christmas, Derrick!