Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cheddar Bow Ties

I started the cheddar bow ties after hearing the shout out from Bonnie Hunter to do a Leader and Ender.
I am still working from stash so any/all projects are what ever size the fabrics allow for.  In this case I had a couple of yards of a cheddar on cheddar print that I thought would be an interesting background material.

I used my GO dies and cut sets of 2" and 3 1/2" sqs to do the 5 sq method of the Bow Tie.

I don't have a 'design wall' but my living room floor will serve well in a pinch.  Normally I wouldn't even bother laying the blocks out, I would just start sewing sets together and let the colors fall where they may.  I knew I had 48 of the larger bows and 192 of the smaller. (My thought was to match 4 sets in either the "O" or "X".  The first photo shows some possible layouts.

After getting all the larger blocks sewn, I just wasn't in the mood to tackle the smaller ones.  (Here is where I should have just put it all away for another day!)
I know better then to sew late at night- lol

Anyway I sewed all the 6 1/2" bows into 4 patch "0's" and then set them 3 x 4.  In my head I was going to do a small border and then do an outer border of the 3 1/2" bows.

I don't know if looking at all this Cheddar was just getting to me or what but I took a break and looked for a fabric to separate the two sizes of Bow Ties.

Look at what I found on the shelf-  No Idea where/when it came from or why I have it.
I swear it looks like I pulled from this focus fabric for my controlled scrappy Bows.
After adding a 6 1/2" border of the GOLF material, I was once again in the mood to start sewing on the smaller bow ties.  120 more to go and I can add them to my center.  I think this is the crazy-ist top so far this year- it just makes me smile every time I see it.  Now I need to find a golfer that needs a quilt so I can have an excuse for this one of a kind creation!
These fabrics are from the last century (1980+)  I can't wait to have another late night of mindless sewing so I can get Cheddar Bow Ties to the flimsy stage.

What is the crazy-ist quilt you have made?  Don't you just love when they have a mind of their own?-   cw
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