Sunday, July 12, 2009

Show me your BOW-TIES!

This first picture is the first Bow-Tie Quilt I made. The pieces were per-cut by hubbies grandmother and gifted to me from his mom. I remember sewing the four larger pieces to the smaller center square. At the time I thought: "There has to be an easier way"

A few years ago I asked our son to send me pictures of some of the quilts he has that I made. Here is that first Bow-Tie being displayed by Jesse's best friend Derek. I call the shot: The psychedelic nomad- and wonder if Joseph's coat was as colorful.

This top was made during another of my 'let's use up the solids' phase. The bows are from fabric given to me by a friend, I think they were left overs from clothing. Most look 50ish/60's and all were in new shape. Must have been stored well to age. I did this in the 5 sqs method. Way easier and my prefered method for bow-ties.

This made a colorful top for a future grand-child's room.

These are the first two tops I made using the 5 sq method. I had a thing for cream back-ground. I love the way the fabrics look so crisp. I also had fun trying different settings with the blocks. The larger pieces started with a 5" sq. the smaller were 2 1/2".

Both quilts have similar materials in them, kinda a 'since I am cutting any way let's try a different size'.
I like them both, the larger one is saved back for a special wedding gift.
The smaller blocks are in my personal collection*
*(just means one of my kids hasn't taken it home yet!)

Favorite Daughter-in-Law, Kelly and I were playing "Let's cut up the holiday prints". One of the tops we made was another bow-ties.

They are so fast and easy, it is hard to stop at just just one. The 5 sq. method leaves one open to picking up and making ties when ever the urge hits.

These were suppose to be part of an Ugly Quilt; The ties were made with 3 different fabrics per unit. The yo-yo centers were from a yard sale find.

I have made others and am sure I will make more. The bow-tie is a fun pattern to learn and can be sewn in any size you can think of.

Please share your favorite links to bow-tie tutorials b/c I have not written one myself.

There is nothing new under the sun, but we sure can have fun doing the same ole, same old in different fabrics!!

Please feel free to link to your favorite bow-tie blocks &/or tops when you comment. I love getting to be inspired by others