Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Celtic Knot

It all started here.....

I have copies of the pattern for the first three 'chunks' I am very excited to get started so I pulled fabrics and changed my mind a dozen times. (Isn't that the normal way to start a mystery?- second guess long enough to see what others are posting and then decided?)

In my defense, I did purpose to do another RW&B. I think I am almost sure, I guess, with my color choices. just kidding, I have it narrowed down to two ways to go-

Plan "A"--
Dark and Navy Blues.......

Light Blues..........


With a cream background fabric.

Plan "B" would be to use YELLOWS in place of the Light Blues. (Now that would be a very primary quilt!)

Tomorrow is the day to make the final decision and start cutting. I am going to use a 2" sq. (Actually plan to strip cut the 2 inches WOF and stack and sub-cut the sqs as needed. That way if I don't use the whole strip I can just add it back to my strips bin.

If you want to vote for Plan "A" or "B" feel free, there are no prizes and I will do what I want but you know jump in and offer an opinion- be good-- cw