Saturday, July 25, 2009

What a yard sale and sold a house?

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• 2009-Jul-25 - I have another TO-DO!
I was able to sneak in some yard sales yesterday between showing houses. (I didn't really sneak b/c the client was with me) Found a box of scraps that I know I am going to have fun with. At first glance (that's all it takes) I was thinking some of it would go in the barbie doll pile (an on going tote of fabrics that may debut at doll dresses someday). Turns out after digging around that there a chunks of the fabrics that will be perfect for a crazy quilt.

I have another on going tote of men's ties, silks, velvets, etc... set aside for a fast crazy quilt experience (to date the pile has been seasoning about 10 yrs, might be getting ripe enough to officially be a ger-er-done- or a least a pull them out and fondle em agains)

Plan has been to collect till 'know' I am ready and spend up to 10 yrs hand working the blocks. could be a fun 'take along project' especially seeing as how my embroidery thread collection seems to be growing too.

The realist in me considers using machine stitching techniques to speed it along- but really after 10 yrs of collecting, do I look like I am in a hurry? I think it has been several yrs since I cut the muslin backing for the blocks. May be time to start pinning the larger pieces and see what I have.

I 'wrote' about this before I sorted it all and took the picture. Turns out I have several 'new to me' fabric scraps to add to the scrappy-scrappy pile. I don't have time to iron anything right now but have decided to start a TO-BE-IRONED box to take with me on road trips. How fun is it going to be to iron in the motel while hubby is napping!! (I don't want to ruin my "I don't iron at home" reputation! be good cw