Thursday, June 30, 2011

MC for July is BLUE!

edit: 7/26/11  Finally got started, this month just totally got away from me.  We have VBS this weekend and after that I can try sew this block down.  July is national Ice Cream Month!

I can't wait to get started!  I will have to wait a bit though b/c hubby and I are running away for a week.  Something about an Anniversary-  what's that all about?  After 30 yrs I thought we could stop counting- lol

I haven't drawn out my block for July although I do have a few ideas-  anniv being one of them, I love blue and shouldn't have any problem coming up with some scraps.  share your ideas for the month, color or both.  Here is the link to the page I am linking all my colors.

Here is a link to my Scrappy Blue quilt that I will purpose to quilt this month in honor of Blue MC.

I needed to take a new picture of the pup, now almost 6 months old.  He got his hair cut a couple of weeks ago and looks a lot more like a dog then a skunk.  He seems to enjoy his shorter look.  Still working on sitting up, he needs a bit of support so he holds on to my hand or the table.
Ready for first Big Boy haircut
I can SEE clearly now.....