Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monocromatic Challenge Home Page

I am going to HI-JACK this page to link my MC progress
Jan/Yellow   Alycia had posted on her blog about following Judy's challenge to do a yellow project









Sept/ Green

Oct/ 2 color 

Nov/ Black and White and accent color

Dec/ work on setting strips and sqs etc....

Final top/

I had added it to my TO DO list (you know the one in my head that sometimes actually gets done)

There were a couple of times I almost pulled yellows from my stash to cut into.

(What is it about challenges that seem to put me in the yes, no, yes, not now, maybe, ok, mode of thinking?)

I swear I have at least 3 idea on projects to do in yellow! Have I started any of them?- NO

Did I write the best ones down yet? NO

Well what did I do?

I mentioned to Alycia that I like her scraps!- that is kinda like writing something down.

She sent me an envelope full of her yellows that were left over from her project.

Since the yellows were already pulled for me the new challenge is to make something entirely from her 'gift'.

I stayed up a little late this evening and think I have a start on a cute piece that kills a lot of birds with one stone (not literal birds)

used BABY GO

used Alycia's scraps

Judy L challenge

Tonya wonky letters- maybe

Mug Rug- very possible

can't wait for FNSI to finish this project!