Friday, January 21, 2011

11 UFO's

Drum Roll, another year in the number 1 spot- the winner is: scrappy Pine-Apple, paper pieced, all cut and sorted and it even has it's own drawer. Last year I purposed to work on it or give it away. Proud to say I am still the owner, one more block completed!

#2 4-patches from Pam. I can either make one really large quilt, or two med. size ones or 4 small or 8 puppy size. All the 4-patches are sewn together, these have been waiting to get put on the TO DO list.

#3 Sort and cut Kit from the RW&B scraps. Great use for the BABY GO.

#4 Dresden to set on point from Stack & Whack style class in 2010. Just b/c I can teach it doesn't mean I can do it- lol-finish that is.

#5 I still need to make a T-Shirt quilt for Brian from my office.

#6- Auction find, 50 state flower blocks have been un-sewn, need to re-size and re-set. Dare I plan to quilt it too?

#7 What is this?

cont.... yard sale Dresden plates. I planned to sew onto split blocks and doing something funky with them.

#8 not a cat....

- my fabric for the traditional Stack and Whack. The class all finished theirs last year. Mine is still in the bag.

#9 These are the scraps of the scraps.
I need to finish cutting the triangles with my BABY GO and sew them into sets. I would really like this to be on the list to quilt this year.

#10-It's a tie-- Here comes the collection of black, white and pinks. Sunbonnet Sue OR the Pink Apple Core, I want to make a quilt for our daughter's niece. Which ever one gets done first goes to Abra.

And.......#11- the one most likely to get done...... PB&W scrappy Butterflies. I love butterflies. I have 63 cut and ready to applique. The week I get this top finished I will do a give-a -way of the left over scraps!

So there is my list of 11, is anyone taking bets as to how many I work on? (Notice I didn't say complete) be good cheryl