Thursday, January 13, 2011

BABY GO Tumbler and Flower

I have several mini bins of 1" strings that I was looking to put into a project.

Last night I sewed a set of strips and sub-cut with the Tumbler die. At the time I was auditioning for a scrappy tumbler design.

The horizontal strips reminded me of flower pots.

Then I remembered that Dawn had gifted me a box of yard sale fabric. (When I say 'gifted' I really mean I just took it)

I think there is enough variety of scrappy between her pieces and mine that I can get a fun scrappy quilt.

This flower was cut using my BABY GO and the flower die. The flower pot is a tumbler that was pieced and then cut.

I enjoy doing raw edge applique. Look at the cute primitive thread drawing I get on the back of the block!