Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kids, Pinita and Cake!

Photos are not in order.

At church we like to do a 5th Sunday Potluck Style Dinner.

This Sunday just happens to be Karlee's 4th B-day so we added a little surprise for all the kids.

This is the mug shot of others celebrating B-days this month.

Karlee love anything princess so we decided to surprise her and the other children with a princess pinata! Hubby rigged up pulleys so he could raise and lower it.
The mask I brought didn't fit so the kids were on their honor to keep theirs eyes shut when it was their turn at bat. No one cheated. It was so cute watching the really little ones try hit. Carl would lower the pinata down till it touched their head and even the 3 yr old got a couple of good whacks in.

Karlee the B-day Girl taking the first cut into the cake.
Cousin Andrew was on hand to help if she needed him.

This beautiful Princess Castle cake was made by Aunt Sarah and Uncle Nick.
The kids were so excited to see her carry it into the party.

Cousin Ben age 3 taking a swing.

Family and Friends are what make a day fun.
Today we got to spend time with both and added food, fellowship and be continued....