Sunday, January 30, 2011

Scotts quilt top and more...

One of our friends from church has been hinting that we need to make him a quilt. Actually he has threatened to just take one when we aren't looking.

Challenge is he is a tall guy (we tend to make smaller quilts) and he is color blind.

My first thought was to see what I had in my personal collection that I thought he might like. Both quilts I pulled to let him consider ended up being ones that I am just not ready to part with.
(see how I am!)

Instead I sewed up Pam's 4 patch blocks into a good size scrappy top. (mark one off my UFO list) I hope to get it quilted this week and the group can hand sew the binding at one of our next meetings.

This large Bow-Tie quilt was made with favorite fabrics many years ago. It was one of the first I quilted on my machine.
On closer look I identified several pieces of material that I no longer have in my stash.

One of which my mom gave me, so at least for now it is going back home with me.

The second quilt I thought I might be ready to part with is going back with me too.
76 x 88 (ish)
My quilting has improved a lot since I did this one and I am going to pin it in and do a different design in the borders.

After having it out on display several gals have asked to participate in a class to make their own. I will hang on to it until at least the end of class.