Monday, January 31, 2011

Feb= Violet

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Some Poems Rhyme and Some Poems Don't!

For now the block is finished and ready to take it's place in MC quilt.

Applique is raw edge (I like the primitive look)
Can you see the Washington cut out?- pres. day
And the gopher- proves I don't freehand.
I also added a heart w/Be Mine.

Now on to the borders...... small tumblers brings this block up to 20"

Link to other Violet projects March is Brown

You can see the links to January's Blocks and play along if you wish.

For February the randomly drawn color is VIOLET! yeah, I can do purples.

I am planning to make large blocks each month of the challenge. At the end of the year I should have enough to make a keepsake quilt top.

I have jotted down ideas to use for colors and months. I even have ideas for borders (I can't wait to get that far!!)

Last month was YELLOW and I made a yellow Flower. When I googled 'yellow' the first image I saw was a flower- simple enough.

For Violet I had a couple of ideas. Violet is the birth flower for February so it made sense to make more flowers. I planed to do raw edge applique and use black thread to make the petals more heart shape. (gotta get in a V-day reference- maybe I will hide a groundhog in the flowers just for giggles).

We are gearing up for a snow storm and I am hoping to use my time snowed- in wisely!

What are you planning for February?