Thursday, December 15, 2011

First broken arm --

Karlee first broken arm.  This is the temp cast from the emergency room.

Waiting to 'see' the specialist

Looks like this arm needs a Pink cast!
Mike called me Tuesday night to see if I want to go the the emergency room to check out Karlee's arm.  As a grandma I can't stand to see any of my little ones hurt.

Karlee (age 4 1/2) tripped over her brother while playing outside before bedtime.  She dislocated her elbow and has a hairline crack in the upper arm bone.  We were at the hospital till 2:30am.  Karlee didn't cry once.
When asked it it hurt, she would nod and say "A little".  What a tough kid!  (Grandma about passed out after just looking at the swelling- lol)
Today was the visit with the specialist to see if it needed pinned.  He thinks because of swelling to do the cast and re- x-ray in a week.  Prayers are that the growth plate is not damaged.

Karlee said that her arm feels a lot better now that it is 'bent' and in the cast, she likes her sling.  I can see grandma making a few more in novelty prints (a Christmas one or two too?)  I also want to make her a cloak, there is no way she can get her arm in a coat.

Now I know what to get her for Christmas- a pack of perm.markers- lol