Monday, December 26, 2011

Dear Jane 2012

I picked up my copy a few years ago, figured it would be a good read, NO WAY I am interested in making one!

Found and purchased the 'ruler' set during a shop hop with friends this past year- wonder what I will use it for?

Ruler set includes the square to resize one's blocks.

I have a tun on tracing paper, think I am seeing a future TO DO.

This tote is mostly repos from a moving sale.  Lots of strips and fats.  I have several ideas on how I hope to use them.

First I sorted out 250 different prints to use IF I ever do a Dear Jane. (I think I see where this is leading!)

Then, I picked out enough larger pieces to do the side triangle with a few to spare.

Looks Like I have officially jumped in to do my own Dear Jane.  Starting in 2012, my challenge to self is to complete the top by the end of the year (I might leave the year blank, knowing my love of putting things on the UFO list)

My reward for sorting through the tote was a chance to die cut the rest of the fabrics.  I now have a couple of more kits to use, gift or sell.  This 'pile' is cut using the chisel die.  They may be used for braids, stars or other blocks.  I also cut a similar amount of triangles and a flat of 2" squares.  Two good side flats of strips and strings are now ready to be worked in to a scrappy projects.