Friday, December 23, 2011

Step 6- Ohio Stars- My GO is getting a work out!

My 2 1/2' strip die is getting used a lot on this Mystery!  Because I can cut multiple of layers I think for this quilt I am going to use fabrics in sets of 4.
I really like the scrappy scrappy that I am seeing by other quilters but for me this will just have to be a little on the controlled side.  I was a little low on red and blue scraps but managed to get a fairly good variety for the string blocks in previous steps.  My blacks are really lacking and I am having to duplicate in several steps.
I am confident that I will love the final top and am not worried about only having a dozen different lights/darks. 
I found a piece of red that had been on the shelf way to long.  It was die cut and will be the centers of all my stars.