Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stripes: Look you I can DO TWO!

Here I go again- I just had to 'see' what the blocks looked like bordered with the darker Swiss Dots.

One can never have two many small quilts on hand and I wanted a little 'No Brain" sewing time tonight.

Long day at work.

The scrapes that I am cutting for borders have been used for clothing or other who knows whats. There really aren't big pieces to strip cut but I was able to made do.

I think I like the effect enough that for the Third Top in this series I am going to border the blocks with the rest of the colors of Swiss Dots. I have several shades of green, more reds, orange, yellow, blues & black.

I hope to have enough Black Dots to make a forth top. (Bet that one will be my favorite!) If it works out I plan to border all twelve blocks and then either set on point or re-cut all wonky and assemble back together.

The darker dots make the squares 'pop'. I think that is what I didn't like about the top I made yesterday, it was too pastel, too quiet. This is a little more exciting to look at and I am hoping the next one will demand attention.

Here is a picture of the two so far. The ceiling fan is blowing them around a bit, it looks like they are waving!

Yesterday's post I offered to give a set of these blocks away, I am glad there were no takers. I am kinda getting a kick out of setting the tops together. Can't wait to get the time to quilt them.