Monday, August 24, 2009

D-9 Displayed at Ladies Night 2008

Our quilting group had decided to make the 9-patch in RW&B for the Down town Fire Station.

Sad to admit that we have the tops finished but are WAY behind in getting them quilted.

Too many excuses to even start listing but the main reason is I am just slow. We did not put a time limit on the project and it keeps getting moved back.

I may have to open it to the public to help finish. I thought it may be fun for the spouse or other relative of the recipient to participate in the quilting or binding process. I also like the idea of using a personal sheet on the back, something that reminds them of home. However we decided to proceed, these will be beautiful quilt to share with our guys to spruce up their bunks in the station.

Mary is learning to quilt on my machine and I hope to let her take on this project when she is ready. We have 9 tops ready to quilt and hope to finish them to gift for Christmas! (Notice I didn't commit to a year)