Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August MC is PINK!

I am not quite finished with this block.  I added a pink broom and dust pan b/c Aug is Joke Month-  Did you sweep under the rug?  yes mom I swept everything under the rug-

I need to add a pink bottle of nail polish-  my sister painted my nails last weekend and I told her I would add the bottle to remind me of how fun she is!

I wasn't thrilled with my attempt to machine sew in the face features so I took that out and did a photo transfer.  Not real sure I like it any better.  Lane was over here today and he said it looks 'creepy'  I think this new face is not to the same scale as what I was trying for eariler.  I will let Sarah decided if we keep this one or try again.- 8-16-11
I have a self-imposed NO SEWING after MIDNIGHT!-  another rule I had to break.-  added the flower (Sarah's anniv is Aug. I made the flowers for her wedding from her Grandmothers Dress fabric.)
Hubby asked 'where's the Pink Elephant'-  done
Finally used my embroidery machine-  PINK Floyd is another Brick in the Wall!

Dawn wanted a Flamingo,  Regina suggested "Pink Floyd's Brick in the Wall",  The steak is actually a clock for Floyd's song TIME.  The Micky Mouse feather is for Tickle me Pink- suggested by Susan.  I have a few more things to add.  I snuck in the pink panther -think pink- on the wall.  The girl is my daughters school picture, Sarah's b-day is Aug 6th, her anniv is tomorrow, Aug 13th., the dress is a fabric from her grandmothers dress.  the hair is a bandana print.  I am not sure I like the 'face' will have to live with it and see if it grows on me.
Saving this post for my PINK project.
Disclaimer:  I have a ton of Pink so that is not the concern.  I started back in Jan making just one 20" block in the MC color intending to have 12 blocks total for a keepsake quilt.
over the months the blocks have evolved into a cross between color and month.  Last month was blue and I still don't have the pieces appliqued down.
This month is Aug/Pink and I am drawing a blank as to what I want to do.
The only 'holiday' I found for Aug that I find interesting is national Tell a Joke Day.
I have been 'hiding' personal (to me) Items in the blocks, including Kids b-days, Anniv, twists on words
here is where you can help me-  I need PINK words, Pink ideas and or August ideas.
so far I am thinking of doing a large black background with the Word-  "PRETTY"  done in pinks crazy patch style  (Pretty in Pink)
do I add "FLOYD"  too  (Pink Floyd)
I have some Pink Panther cartoon fabric
My youngest daughter has a birthday on the 6th so I was considering do a scrappy silhouette in pinks of one of her school pictures.
IF you have a must do idea, tell me now!  I will reward you with a fat 1/4 of pink for the best ideas-  cheryl
here is the link to my page with all the months

Here's Oreo now 7 months old.  What a good dog.