Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Winding Ways from the GO Die

I have had people ask what I do with the scraps from cutting the 'odd' shape dies.  I have found that for me, the scraps are not a problem.  I tend to cut from scraps to start with so using these dies are just another tool that I can't live without.
The stringy stuff gets trimmed and thrown out. (sorry, even I don't want to mess with it)  The other pieces get subcut and added to my on going scrap system.  I consider things either 'strings', 'crumbs' or 'applique'  and sort accordingly, these little mini totes get added to the larger on going collection of scraps.
This Winding Ways pattern sews up fast and easy (I am not perfect on the points- but am sure I will get better over time or if I start pinning- lol)

This is the start of a top that will be 100 blocks set 10 x 10
It may or may not get sewn in my life time but for now it is a kit and I even added the directions.  This took about 2 1/5 hours to die cut out.  It is all from stash that was in my scraps section.  I know I will pull fabrics and do this again in a controlled version, oh and a RW&B one too!! 
For me the GO and dies reduce my cutting time to almost nothing and the 'kits' are just a growing.  My plan for this year was to cut at least one "Kit"  a week to have on hand.  Most weeks I am cutting several from each series of fabrics I play with.

When I did the Christmas Prints, I cut several kits in apple core and then did a second time through for tumblers and then cut those scraps into triangles.  Now I just plan to cut the sets of fabric until I am down to scraps, nothing is getting put back on the shelf!-  cw