Saturday, December 4, 2010

apple core Holiday prints

I swear this seemed so much larger before I quilted it.

Still need to trim and bind, I am hoping to do a bias keeping the scalloped edges. (we'll see)

60 x 60 (ish) cut with my BABY GO apple core die and scraps from the Christmas box. (144 pcs)

I have ordered the foot for my sewing machine that is suppose to help sew these curves.
I read up on the site how to do it and did all this with my regular 1/4" foot. (I can't wait to get the new one and see if I can do better)

No ironing, no pins, only a couple of spots where I didn't line up right the first time. (If I had cut everything correct there would not have been problems, but cutting from scraps sometimes I had a bias edge to make the fabric fit the die)

Now that I know I can do it, I have two more cut out ready to sew up.

Look how straight it loaded for quilting- I am a fan of this block! Never thought I would be sewing them, but now I have no excuses!

In the spirit of using up stash the back is pieced from panels and yardage given to me from my mom a few years ago.

Grand kids are spending the night and did their best to keep me busy. Every time I tried to slow down from quilting, Lane would remind me that these don't quilt themselves!
What would I do without them!- cw