Friday, September 9, 2016

30 Quilts in 30 days-- I have lost count- my bad.

Maybe the 30 in Thirty doesn't have to be consecutive day--just kidding.  This is my challenge so I can change my rules/mind if I want to.  Actually I think I can do 30 in 30 if I quit slacking.

The other day I finished the purple graduation quilt, it is quilted, binding done and gifted to the mother of the graduate.  Schedule permitting I will pin in the last of the grad-quilts tomorrow.

My pile of get to TO DO's is getting smaller.  3 wedding quilts, 6 scrappy for the grand-kids. 10 class quilts for the girls in Karlees grade.  I am getting close to caught up for the year.  All quilts in this list are made just waiting to get quilted and bound.  Go ME!!

quilt number 9 for the month

last one from this group to get quilted--then start on 2017

Day 20  Total 9 quilts finished--