Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Little Cabin in the Woods (@ the Lake) has curtains! almost

This photo was taken from Carl's truck as he was following the Cabin done the road.  I think Lane actually took the picture and Carl was driving- or the other way round.

Cabin was dropped and leveled in the side yard of the Lake property.  Carl is in the process of removing trees from the site it will eventually sit.  We marked where the pillars will need to go to get this home out over the hill.

So, Sew, while Carl is busy doing busy work, I am figuring out what I want for curtains.  I set up this lovely area to sew in, then remembered we don't have elec. hooked up.  I bought this old typewriter desk at a yard sale.  The sides fold down so I am thinking this is the end table to go by the couch..  The brown step stool chair will stay in the kitchen.

This was my first choice for kitchen curtains but I wan't sure if I wanted  to line them or go with something longer.
I left these up for a couple of days to see if they grow on me.  They did not so they came down and will be used for another project someday.  Possibly turned into pillows or a table runner.  I love the print- it just didn't scream "Kitchen"

Wooo Wooo-  can't get much more kitchen then these throwbacks--and they have fruits and berries.  Again I have to decided whether to line, hem, etc....  Most likely I will just pull them back and call it good.

Two for one shot:  The orange print to the left is a couch quilt.  I backed it with a grey stripe fabric I had on hand.  I love the texture and weight of my new snuggle under.   OK- about these curtains-- I only have enough of the print to do the narrow outer panels.  They are both lined with the olive green that I made the middle panels out of.  Question is do I leave As-Is or do I use a white sheet with the olive as the back for a lighter look?  Also where do I need to hem?  The left side is pinned at the window ledge, the right side is pinned to hang below the ledge.  This window has mini blinds that most likely will be down and opened most of the time, so the curtains will be pulled to the sides.

Not pictureed I also make the curtains for the front door/window and for our bedroom.  All curtains need hemmed.

In the spirit of making this place my home away from home--I just had to hang something on the first nails I found sticking out.  Another yard sale find-  I plan to wash the boys up a bit and add a couple of coats of clear poly.

Here they are just a hanging around!  As soon as the cabin gets moved into place I am sure I can find another place for them.

Shopping find when Debbie H and I took the girls down to camp.  I know I am not suppose to be bringing stuff to clutter up the cabin, but this is just so cute!!!  Just noticed I didn't cut the price tag string off yet--my bad.