Wednesday, August 31, 2016

30 Quilts in 30 Days Days 11, 12

No quilting the past couple of days.  I did get some work done on the stash that is being sent to El Salvador.

The project was to make 100 baby/small size quilts.  It got downsized to making sets of fronts and backs to send for the women there to finish for local needs.

Fronts were matched with backs in sets of 5 per hanger.  For this shipment only 75 quilt kits would fit in the duffel bag.  I have more fabric and misc items to send down.  I will either fill another duffel bag or wait until another group from Church is headed that way.

Most of these sets are good sides facing together.  There are a lot of pretty fabrics.  The ladies at the church in La Palma give sewing classes.  These small quilt kits can be used for practice.  They also give the women gifts they can make for others.

I make the duffel bags from any fabrics I can find that are sturdy.  The airlines have size and weight restrictions for the checked baggage.  My bags will pass the size requirements and will hold 50 pounds of donated items.  I am  hoping to make a dozen bags a year for Mission trips.  I purpose to fill at least one with usable fabrics for the ladies sewing group.  We also ship sewing machines, when we have cargo containers going down.

I have made five duffel bags so far this year have 8 more cut out ready to sew when needed.

Over 50 quilt kits-  fronts and backs.  We do not use batting b/c the temperatures are so warm
 Mary got me interested in playing with jean pockets.  She is looking to make items for a craft show, I wanted to play and see how creative I could get.  I have no desire to mass produce.  The OWL pin cushion is a work in progress.  I am not sure if I want to hand sew and do other embellishments or just glue the eyes and wings on and be done.

This small pocket was perfect size to make a scissor holder.  The back side has another pocket that I put a bobbin of thread and several needles.  Now I have a ready for the road sewing kit if I need it.

 This is the practice book cover.  My grandson Andrew called dibs.  He likes the long pocket b/c it hold pencils.  I made these to fit the composition notebooks that were on sale at Walmart after back to school sale.

 Ben wanted a larger pocket on his.

 These really are a lot of fun to make.  Breely has a 1 st grade teacher that loves frogs.  I found an old frog print and embellished a pocket with yo-yo's  I still need to attatch everything to the pocket.

Dawn told me one time that she liked red tulips.  I just had to make her a notebook cover with this old print I had.  I added a butterfly because I love butterflies and I love her.  The butterfly is not sewn at the top so this  has two pockets in one gift!