Friday, August 26, 2016

30 quilts in 30 days Day 7

And another one gone and another one gone, another one bites the dust- Hey!

So I didn't have my camera with me and I have already gifted the yellow and purple grad. quilt.

Connie helped me trim it up this morning.  We also pinned two small quilts to batting, I have both of them sewn together and turn inside out.  They are both in line to get quilted.  One is for the baby shower tomorrow, so it will either get done before or after the shower.  I may have to flip a coin to see which.  The baby is not due for awhile and I am teaching the block at the library class first Tuesday.  I am not in a big hurry to get it to the mom.

I also had help tearing sheets to make a back for my big quilt top.  This is all now sewn together and looks great , by the way.  I will be sure to document with photos later.

Day 7  - quilt 6-  Lindsey's grad. quilt  yellow and purple,  yellow back  was rolled to the front for binding.