Sunday, August 21, 2016

30 Quilts in 30 Days, day 2I

Quilts finished today--ZERO--no tally points for this gal.  I seriously think I have quilters block (kinda like writers block but with actual quilting)  I had been blaming the machine but now that it is fixed I have no excuses.  What did I do?

I laid the top and bottom over the bar this morning, then ignored it all till this evening.  When I finally got ready to pin the pieces in I saw that I never sewed the iron on letters on.  Would have made so much more sense to do that before I set the top together.  Quick fix-- ready to tackle tomorrow.  Never do today what you can put off till tomorrow!

This is the back to the top I sewed yesterday.  It looked kinda plain so I raw-edge appliqued a crawling baby.  The one-sey print is the same as the side borders in the quilt top.

Worked on graduation quilt that I was supposed to do last May.  Student 'lost-misplaced 7 siggy blocks.  I was waiting to see if they ever turned up.  NO- so I made a top and bottom row and then half rows for the sides.  Top is now together and in line to get quilted this week--holding my breath!

This top was together on time but the back fabric needed pieced.  Another one ready for the machine this week.  My smile for the day was finding the tie dye fabric for the back--nice surprise.

This had nothing to do with what I was supposed to be working on.  I hope to make this one for our cabin bedroom.  It seriously looks better in my mind then in this photo.  Yes I was trying for using up all the uglies!

I also sewed up a few seams on a favorite sweater.  It really did not feel like I was asking Picasso to paint the garage.  I guess quilters can actually do mending if you ask nicely.