Saturday, August 20, 2016

30 Quilts in 30 Days - day one, total--3 quilts

Yesterday, Connie and I took my quilt machine to Springfield to finally get looked at.  I have been having problems breaking thread for several years and for the past year have hardly quilted anything on that machine.  In fact the last 6 months I only finished two quilts.  Simple fix, the hour drive to Springfield  Friday morning was repeated by 5 pm to load the machine and head home.

My first project was to finish the small quilt that was pinned in earlier this year.  First row- wonderful.  2nd row broke a needle and bent the throat plate.  Would you believe everyone I called to help fix it was out of town this Saturday.  I  didn't want to waste the weekend so I ran to Friend Tire to see if they could/would help me.  Danny is a friend to our oldest son,  He knew just what to do, 5 minutes of his time and I was on my way to a fun filled day of quilting.

Now that the machine is running well, I want to challenge myself to finish a pile of UFO's and other TO DO's.  I normally don't do very well completing projects if I feel pushed to do so.  I am going to take exception to my normal routine and make a schedule and stick to it.  There is something to be said about writing one's intentions down and reporting progress.

Normally if I think I want to start a long range goal, I get distracted waiting for the perfect time to get all my ducks in a row.  This quest was thought of and started today, so today is day one.

I am not going to argue or negotiate with my self over what the word "IS" is.  So for the record-  a quilt is defined as 2 or more layers (with or without batting), Pieced or panels, machine quilted or tied, either way(s) I get a Talley mark when one is finished.

Quilts- 1, 2, and 3
This small top has been pinned in to quilt for several months.

Last row and I buried the sewing foot in a loose seam--my bad

This top is small so  it will end up being a baby quilt or a pet quilt.

I added the dog applique to cover where I ripped the fabric getting my foot out.

Instead of loading another top to be quilted I worked on my raw-edge applique borders for Austin and Nichole's wedding quilt.

Did you know that in a pinch you can use your GO mats to trim up fabric.  My regular mat had too much stuff covering it.  I was too lazy to clean it off just for a couple of corners.

Here is the top--Thanks to all the ladies who sewed units.  Special THANKS to Deb. H. for setting the top together.  We started this project over 6 months ago.  It as been gotten out and put away many, many times.

Please don't find any typos in the wording.  I kept meaning to spell check.

This is a line from a song Austin taught the church.

#2  Small quilt for Sarah to use for neighbor girls that are moving away tomorrow.

#3  another one left over from a round of donation tops.  These two will be tied and gifted.

The library class is going to do this pattern for a donation project.  I hope to teach the class next month.  I cut out blocks to practice with.  Easy, chisel, sqs and triangles.

We have a baby shower coming up soon.  I found a yard of pink to use for a back and made enough  9 1/2" blocks to fit for a top.  I think this will be a fun pattern to try in different colors and settings.

I sewed light purple triangles to the top right and bottom left on all blocks.  Then I sewed darker  triangles to the other two corners.  I added 3 inch strips on the sides to widen the top to fit the yardage I picked for the back.

I like the center sqs.  Light purple with cats- so cute!
I might just have to quilt this one tomorrow.  Baby shower is in a week.  It will feel good to have one done in time for a change.  I can 'steal' it back for the class on first Tuesday in Sept.  lol