Wednesday, August 24, 2016

30 Quilts in 30 days Day 6- we have a finish!!

Give this gal not one brownie point but two for finishing TWO, count them 2 quilt today.  Today is Day 6 and I have a total of 5 quilts finished.

I was determined to have something finished today and I did!!.  Tomorrow may be another high completion count day.  Let's all hold our breath and see if anything actually gets done.  I do have a fun time penciled in with Connie over in Aurora.  Other biggies for my day include getting some quilting done and picking up grand kids to come spend the weekend with me.

 I have figured out my back seems to do better if I quilt in the early morning.  From here on out I hope to use my first couple of cups of coffee on being productive.  Another quilt pinned in ready to quilt.  I kinda think I should have gotten this machine fixed a long time ago.

How long has this been in a baggie?  Too long- get to work girl.

Not the best binding job but was better then sitting around unfinished.  My first attempt as scallops.

Old top finished ready to be gifted on Sunday to my friend Marianna  I don't seem to be able to get the photo turned correctly.

This row killed me.  I am not strong enough to handle the machine through all these little twists and turns.  I had to stop several time on the first row.  I finished the row this morning and decided to use an easier pattern for the rest of the top.

Good choice-  Funny thing is last time I tried this feather pattern I did not like it.  This quilt, however looks great with the feathers.  This pattern seemed so much easier then the other that I finished the whole quilt today.

I swear this seemed soooooo much larger when I was quilting it-  nice to have a finish-  binding is done.  I turned the back fabric to the front and  machine stitched it down