Monday, August 15, 2016

Flower top is done, now to name it and get it in line to be quilted.

I seriously think I have a 5 yr waiting period to quilt b/c there are a lot of projects ahead of this one.

I am starting to fall in 'love' with this top.  I wan't found of the dating process, but now that the flowers are set together, I really love it!

Before I even started pulling fabrics for the flowers I jotted down that I wanted to do a 'saying' as a border.

The grass withers.....

grand daughters are holding up the outer border fabric to see if we like the way to looks.--  Passed inspection!

Large borders, I can decide later if I want to scallop or not

This is ALL that was left of the green I did the letters with, so close but I got it done.