Tuesday, August 23, 2016

30 Quilts in 30 days Day 4

What is wrong with me?  Four days in and I have only machine quilted ONE top (the one that had been pinned in for a couple of months!)  And, I have already misplaced it.

I did get borders sewn on the two purple tops that Moya gave me. One top will be gifted to my Niece and I was able to add a print from her grandmothers stash as the outer border.  The other top will most likely go to one of the granddaughters, I had purple yardage with Palm trees on it.  Karlee had told me one time she wanted a quilt with it in it.

NO pictures from today.  I did get to crash a library knitting/crochet group--I was the designated driver and instead of doing a drop and run, I hung around and cut letters out for my top. I also glue stick attached them to the two last border strips of the large top for our cabin bedroom.  I am so thrilled to see this top go together so quick.  Two days from conception to finish is a bit slow for me but seriously the way I have been piling up UFO's lately, any finish is a pleasant surprise.

The phrase I went with is :  (top)  All my Longings   (middle)  All My Dreams  (right side)  JESUS is LORD of ALL  
I have always loved this song and I am so very happy to have it on my quilt.  There were actually several songs that I was considering verses from for this quilt.  B/C it was for a bed, I had to go with the "Dreams" verse.

Tomorrow is another day-  I will try remember to bring my camera.  I have a Bible class in the morning, I am sure I can find someone to help (Make) me pin in something and finish it.